WZRD Interview 9/5/2022, 10 AM

Toneal M. Jackson, Green Party candidate for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD), discussed how half of voters do not know of the MWRD, how she wishes to implement pharmaceutical drop off locations in every suburb instead of only at the current 7 drop off locations at the 7 MWRD service area locations that must serve 6 million residents, addressing the salt in snow removal, the difference between water reclamation and water supply, how no mainstream media gives air time to the Green Party, how the Green Party use podcasts for outreach, how established parties, such as the Democrats, Republicans, the Green Party and the Libertarians need to get only a small fraction of petition signatures to appear on the ballot, how her petitions were not challenged in the 2022 primary, and more.

With and Bill Morton, President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce